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Специальная охлаждающая жидкость Abicor Binzel BTC до °С л для блоков охлаждения жидкостью горелок TIG, MIG/MAG и плазматронов. Сувенир/Коллекционная монета/Монета Сувенирная "Биткоин" (BITCOIN) Mag-building в интернет-магазине Wildberries. Бесплатная доставка и постоянные. Bitcoin Magazine | 74 отслеживающих в LinkedIn. The most trusted voice in Bitcoin. News, commentary & business insights from the world of Bitcoin.

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Данный регион развивает различные направления — от майнинга до маркетинга блокчейнов. И мы инвестируем в рынок с перспективой. Bitcoin Magazine будет не лишь предоставлять материалы из США — мы смотрим на регион как на информационный ресурс для глобального кабинета. Инновации происходят в хоть какой точке мира. Издателем планируется как локализация интернационального отраслевого контента Bitcoin Magazine, так и создание необычного контента на украинском и остальных языках.

На данный момент киевское бюро работает над формированием отраслевого продакшена и завлекает к сотрудничеству более уважаемых профессионалов криптоотрасли, репортеров, видеооператоров и остальных профессионалов. Украина уверенно стремится к мировому лидерству в области майнинга биткоинов, занимая 4-ое место глобального рейтинга.

Не считая того, украинские законодатели готовятся легализовать биткоин и криптовалюты и разрабатывают соответственное отраслевое законодательство. Конкретно в поддержку этих усилий по формированию и развитию крипторынка Украина стала третьим интернациональным кабинетом Bitcoin Magazine опосля открытия региональных бюро в Сеуле и Шанхае.

Сергей Тронь — украинский бизнесмен, инвестор, основоположник компании White Rock Management. Делом занимается наиболее 15 лет. Сфера интересов: криптовалюты, IT, логистика, энергетика. Журнальчик Bitcoin Magazine — старейшее и более знатное издание о биткоине. С года предоставляет аналитические, исследовательские, образовательные и интеллектуальные сервисы в сфере, находящейся на стыке денег и технологий. На сайте Bitcoin Magazine, социальной платформе и в печатном журнальчике располагается уникальный контент для статей, а также видео и подкасты, освещающие ситуацию на крипторынках всего мира.

Перечень приложений, которые могут финансово обогатить юзеров. О проведении пресс-конференций в пресс-центре "Интерфакс-Украина" на время деяния введенных ограничительных мер в связи с пандемией Covid Интерфакс-Украина и компания DnB открыли вакансию менеджера по маркетингу и продажам.

Монета изготовлена отлично, но мало узкая, на ребро не поставить. Экспресс-доставка Доставка из-за рубежа Предшествующий слайд. Артикул: Арт: 4 1 отзыв Приобрели. Продукт не доставляется в ваш регион Продукта нет в наличии Избранного размера нет в наличии. Таблица размеров. Бесплатная доставка Примерка 21 день на возврат Бесплатный подъем на этаж. Черезмерное употребление алкоголя вредит здоровью.

Причина уценки. Описание Подробный обзор. Отзывы и вопросцы. Отзывы 1 Вопросцы 0 Правила дизайна отзывов и вопросцев. Написать отзыв. Сортировать по:. Даниил 30 мая, 30 мая, Монета изготовлена отлично, но мало узкая, на ребро не поставить Посетовать на отзыв. Закрыть Подтвердите собственный возраст Данный раздел предназначен лишь для гостей, достигших возраста 18 лет!

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Note my assumption that Bitcoin is alive. It has been bootstrapped to promote its own production, and prevent its own production. It is a white marble that cannot be put back in the bottle. But what comes after Bitcoin? For us there is nothing after Bitcoin. It is our first and final money. Our understanding of the universe is filtered through a human bias, our vantage point. But because we, and Bitcoin are a product our universe, emergent within it, and beholden to its fundamental laws, the transitive property of universal constants makes it possible for us to gather some knowledge about it.

One physical constant is the total amount of mass and energy in the universe. Picture a full stack of cards. If you shuffle those cards enough times, a sequential flush will occur. If you continue to shuffle them, in time, any and all possible sequences of that deck can and will occur. Within the constraints of our universe, a universal deck of mass and energy, we can be thought of as a statistical emergence.

Bitcoin too, can be thought of as a statistical emergence, one that is predicated on the prior emergence of a certain intelligence. While I have not yet considered whether and to what extent Bitcoin is intelligence in any meaningful way, I am certain machine intelligence will be built on Bitcoin, as Bitcoin is in fact, the best solution to the problem of programmable value accretion in software. The important takeaway is that the fundamental laws of nature here on Earth are consistent with those found anywhere in this universe.

If they were slightly different, the universe would be inhospitable, and therefore unobservable. We can observe some universe, though as we know, in our current state, we are ill equipped to observe the universe as it actually is, and further, without Bitcoin, without technology built on decentralized money and property immune to governance, our understanding of what goes on in the universe would have remained severely limited , myopic in scope, helplessly trapped within the subjectivity of the empirical fallacy.

In our current state, the vast majority of occurrences in this universe are too fast or too slow, too large, too small, too far, or invisible to our centralized, empirically limited frame of reference. Most of what happens happens not only outside of human perception, but it is completely unnecessary for us to be able to perceive it from the vantage point of genetic adaption, in our current state.

Genes get themselves replicated at the expense of their rivals. That is all. Genes undergo random variations and tend to pass on those variations which promote their production, and inhibit their destruction.

Bitcoin shares this function in a sense. The network is fluid, it responds dynamically to attacks and grows in way that decentralizes its hash power, and promotes its continued growth. Invalid transactions are warded against, and cast out, protecting the network.

Although, Bitcoin does not depend on the Lightning Network for survival at all. The two benefit mutually from each other. I think this phrase gives too much agency to humans in regards to the continued success of Bitcoin. What does it mean for Bitcoin to succeed? On its own terms it simply means that it continues to operate. Bitcoin is deaf and dumb to its U. The process of evolution is not linear, nor have we had much conscious say in our evolution as a species.

Though through selective breeding humans have tried in the past to interfere with or manipulate this process. A large scale eugenics program to boost human intelligence or select for desirable physical traits is a morally and politically unviable route. Though most dogs and much of the food we consume are products of genetic modification through highly selective breeding.

Embryonic selection, however, choosing even one embryo over another in the context of in vitro fertilization for its genetic potential is a practice which is thought could boost a human IQ 4. IQ is by no means the be all and end all of intelligence, but take it here as one simple measure.

A 1-in embryo selection may represent an upper limit of what would currently be practically feasible for one IVF cycle. Have you been paid in eggs for working on a chicken ranch? Are you a computer programmer, plumber, rocket scientist, attorney, mathematician, pediatric dentist, professor, kindergarten teacher, food service worker, engineer, manager, car salesperson, banker, peace officer, government employee or run a lemonade stand? Maybe something else entirely.

This could get ugly. Here is the first question: Did the home go up in value? Why is that? Consider that the home has not changed, rather, the amount of U. So, which is it, is the home more valuable or is the U. If the latter is the case, we have a problem. And that is the challenge, is it not? That is terrifying. So what do you want? Remember that the Constitution was written to limit governmental authority and provide as much freedom to citizens as possible, not vice versa.

Yet, the same untrusting Americans habitually entrust this same government with their livelihood and future economic selves. The dichotomy of this is puzzling. A typical American worker distrusts the government and in the same breath accepts payment for their labor in a form that, once accepted, loses value exponentially, indefinitely and until that value has disappeared.

How is this rational? The amount of U. How does this not sink into the consciousness of American consumers? How about blueberries? Bottled water? A gallon of gas? Have those items increased in value, have they changed in any way whatsoever, or have they remained constant and the variable society has missed the devaluation of the dollar? Queue a distracting supply-and-demand argument from a professor who has taken a few economics classes here.

Dear professor, no one wants to hear your consumer price index rants when it costs the average person a day of work to fill their gas tanks and another day of work to buy groceries. The more horrifying realization comes when an American spends a lifetime working to accumulate dollars and attempts to store that economic energy in a bank. In exchange for devaluing your U. Enough already. Why would any rational person save something that another person could create from nothing?

The answer: We are irrational. We are not independent thinkers, we seek approval, and we seek significance through material goods in the past and virtual goods in the future. We attempt to finance our happiness through the leveraged debt of our time. Ironically, governments work to ensure taxation limits the political, social and fiscal expansion of the lower and middle classes. This is why, I propose, corporate billionaires pay no taxes and why they have so much political influence.

American employees rationally dismiss logic and entrust their hard-earned economic future to those whom they trust the least. They place their hard-earned economic energy, in hopes of conserving their purchasing power in a bank, only to find that their purchasing power was whittled away with inflation, reckless federal spending, governmental expansion and monetary policy. Americans put in grueling work weeks, forgo invaluable time with loved ones and then exchange those hard-earned hours for pieces of printed paper with no true monetary backing.

Perhaps there is an alternative. Before one understands concepts such as inflation, deflation, devaluation, debasement, et cetera, they must come to the realization that every moment they are on Earth, the U. As such, the longer that dollar is not spent, the less it will purchase in the future. The U. Think of the dollar in your pocket like a perishable good from the grocery store. To be an exceptional store of value, the medium in which economic energy is converted into stored economic energy, that medium the store of value must, at a minimum, store that same value over an extended period of time.

This should not be a radical idea; this should be a question every rational person in America, every person in the world for that matter, asks of their government. As humanity becomes more aware of fiat currencies, workers will undoubtedly discover the difference between currency and money. For the purposes of this article, it is understood that the printed U.

Simply put, the dollar is something one can use to exchange for goods or services, it is not a store of value. Taken a step further, the U. So, when the government, via the Federal Reserve, prints more currency, they are creating new debt, not simply increasing the monetary supply.

In this vein, Americans, while engaged in heated discourse about society and the monetary system, act in a manner in line with what society expects. Americans put their faith and future, in hopes of currency having purchasing power decades from now, into savings accounts designed to systematically siphon purchasing power from them.

A logical question that arises: Why does currency need to be invested or saved at all? Sadly, this timetable is accelerating. This reality does not make sense. This fact, inflation, is beyond unfair; inflation is downright cruel and inhumane. Unfortunately, that is inaccurate and is part of the lie Americans have been taught to believe. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, the issue is not with politics per se, it is with the financial system as a whole and a public lack of understanding.

Why does an hour of work from 30 years ago become, over time, less valuable than an hour of work completed 30 minutes ago? The reality is that as a result of currency debasement and continued currency creation, each dollar earned is devalued can purchase less in the future than it could versus when it was immediately earned by each additional dollar printed and put into circulation. Continue to spend, continue to consume and discourage saving; or better yet, risk your economic stored energy in a stock market where the system can, in an instant, separate you from your wealth and transfer it to someone or something with no appreciable, economic or socially supportive skill set.

Americans want to shock the system with an old mentality? Liquidate all cash holdings, purchase tangible assets, commodities and items with true stores of value; someone would have done well with toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning products during the beginning of the COVID pandemic in early ; as did firearms and ammunition dealers; as did persons selling live chickens that would eventually produce eggs for consumption.

This is the promise of Bitcoin. How does someone who lives on an environmentally sustainable farm, with its own well water, food source and neighbors willing to barter when crops are harvested, threaten America? By definition, it is American. The threat lies in the fact that these farmers have detached themselves from the system as much as possible. The politicians, on both sides, who benefit from loose monetary policy are the problem.

A legacy banking system that steals percentages of every digital transaction is the problem. They are real, tangible, valuable and a historically true store of value; yet they are imperfect.

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