Blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin

blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin

MSI RGD5T/OC и Litecoin · themonk, 17, , Last post ASIC Eruptor Blade v Не могу настроить CGMiner · DATURA, 7, , Last post. weekly weekly weekly Free bitcoin earn app, Bitcoin transaction id wiki; New Ethminer genoil pre-release Windows Slow CGMiner Hashrate: litecoinmining.

Blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin

Blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin anonex cash blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin

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But short answer is not anymore. Bitcoin mining has become a big game for big players. Rather invest in big group buys, or convert to scrypt. Scrypt mining is mining alt-coins Litecoin, Feathercoin, WorldCoin, etc. Background: I purchased 4 erupters back in November just to run beside my 4xs and 3xs, it was an experiment and at the time I was pretty new to mining in general.

Usage: 4-erupters with 92mm cooling fan and powered-USB hub. Conclusion: So is it all worth it? Based off of the current NMC exchange rate, my erupters have generated a total of 0. Taking the assumption that it goes way up in price there are two options: 1 buy bitcoin, 2 but a miner. In the first instance you will have, 1x your money. In the second instance you will have the 1x plus you will still be generation more coins.

It is all really a gamble on bitcoin going up. If it goes down the in either instance there is a loss. I am prepared to loose all in the hopes that bitcoin will survive. My guess: If bitcoin survives another year, and I think it will, it will be substantially more valuable,. I would have to say substatiantly it will become the revenue of the future making money obselete. It will make everyone able to live a possibly better life if it is controled bitcoin mining then it will boost our economy not endanger it.

Actually soon their might be a transition from money to bitcoin and the profit margrine will go up which means everyone on the planet will be rich wich is better for everyone. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Is it worthy to use "bitcoin usb block erupter" Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 4 months ago.

Active 5 years, 9 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Vaibhav Gautam Vaibhav Gautam 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Please check bitcointalk. Beware of scams.. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Check the Readme file for more information on the list of supported frequencies and how to set individual frequencies per device for overclocking your Gridseed ASIC miners.

Back then we discussed what could be the theoretical maximum you might be able to push the voltmod to in order to try to get the best possible overclock, though that would be achieved with an unreasonably high power usage. With this modification we were aiming to get MHz while still fitting in the power consumption that the ASIC could handle in Dual Mining mode or about 60W, however running in Scrypt only mode. With these settings we were planning to get stable around KHS if we would succeed in actually running the GC chips at a bit over 2 volts.

Firing up the ASIC has shown a total power usage of about W, so pretty much what we have planned initially, however the problem was that the Gridseed device did not want to function properly at that voltage after the modification.

It simply did not send any shares back to the server, neither it was showing any HW errors, through apparently the device was working and communicating with the miner software. You could of course try resistors with values in between 47 and 68 kOhm to see where the maximum would be, but for us it is not reasonable to get just a few more extra KHS with double or triple the power used. Still feel free to experiment and report your finding and as usual be very careful not to burn your hardware while experimenting with it.

If you go with more than 47 kOhm resistor be extra careful if running the device with the bottom of the cooler not attached as you can easily burn the voltage regulators of the ASIC! Home Contact us. Full Posts Comments. Search for:. Download the latest cgminer 3.

Blade eruptor cgminer for litecoin курс лайткоина к рублю на сегодня график онлайн

Litecoin cgminer with virtual ASIC support

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